IENA - Rénovation & Architecture d'intérieur
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  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris


Opposite the Chaillot gardens, two adjoining apartments of an American couple were united into one bigger one after being fully transformed and rigorously coordinated.

The major asset of the place is the outside view. From the balconies is now a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Thus our contribution consisted in arranging the elements so as to highlight this brilliant view. The choice of materials and furniture was carefully made so as to establish a refined and relaxed atmosphere favorable to contemplation of the environment. The refined kitchen opens into the living room via a central Calacatta marble isle, and there two large taupe-colored bedrooms and two light-stone bathrooms extend the feeling of calm.


Thanks to a smart light-playing effect between the Art Deco line mirrors and the bay windows, the whiteness of surfaces and subtly designed lighting, the spaces are in communion with the exceptional outside view. Contrasted floor surfaces between clear ones and soft carpets, invite to cross the large flowing and open apartment. The velvety textures of the drapes, the seats, the comfortable custom-made sofas and the regularity of the soft and light colors reinforce this contemplative character. When the Eiffel Tower starts to flicker all through the evening, the apartment that serves as a theatrical lodge also lights up as if by magic.






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