Architecture d’intérieure et Rénovation - Pure Sapce Architecture
Pure Space Architecture est spécialisée en architecture d’intérieur, rénovation complète d’espaces dans le secteur résidentiel de très haut standing à Paris
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PureSpace Architecture, the reflection of an architectural creation passion.

Ghassan puts space back on scene and gives a meaning to each of his projects. Parisian architecture was his first inspiration to undertake unique architectural creations linking historical heritage and contemporary uncluttered refinement.


His inspiration comes from his many trips, meetings and multiple collaborations because he is convinced that the most beautiful creations arise from exchanges, fusion and mixing of ideas and cultures. His approach is very personal and based on human relations, so each of his creations is born primarily from human encounters.


It was in the heart of the Madeleine District that Ghassan chose to set up his own office-workshop near the district of jewelers, food shops, fashion-designers, and Art and Culture lovers. That’s where Ghassan and his team explore, stage and compose… not far from the Luxor obelisk that recalls memories of the first architects.


Let yourself be guided and surprised. Come and push  Ghassan’s workshop door and share a simple conversation with him and his team. Talk about yourself and your dreams.  In this contemporary curiosity cabinet, links and human warmth will trigger ideas. Being adorers of beauty and inner well-being, the team promotes intelligence projects and joint creations.


« Every place has a soul. We are its witnesses and interpreters. Every projects is personal and unique… it’s yours. As your guides we are attached to the present moment of your lives, as catalysts for your desires ».

A team that’s with you throughout your whole project.

Being observers and inventive we develop an inborn sense to keenly understand space. We absorb views and nearby surroundings. We link your daily life with ongoing tendencies and current trends.


As creators and talent renovators we draw links between ancient walls, traditions and modernity. We wed shapes and colors, we fashion things to suit your wishes and lifestyles. We break down partitions and borders, and open our eyes to the outside so that space can be boldly breathed in.


As interested, astute, bargain hunters we shall know how to design for you ongoing custom-built furniture or else go and look in our secret books of more standard and functional but ever unexpected products. We like to work with metal, bronze, wood, ribbed marble, elegant natural and long-term materials that will go through time as story-tellers.


« With you we shall compose things that are like you, are in your image, and speak about you ».



The starting point is to listen to the client’s needs, intentions, expectations, wishes, deep desires, tendencies, tastes, and way of life. We prepare with our clients’ inspiration images. We study the existing spaces and their optimization, but also the look of the residence because in our conception of contemporary architecture the inside resembles the outside.


The workspace design is grasped depending on the professional activity: accounting specialist, lawyer, doctor, creative agencies… Thus our architecture will adapt and understand your skills, plus the interactions between services and employees, patients or clients to determine circulations, meeting places, isolation spots, collaborative and creative areas. Our solutions adapt to new work habits that enable your employees to be actors in their workplace and thus share the culture of your company.


We design workshops or exhibition sites. The first impression of client visitors remains the observation of the artist studio workspace, thence the importance of good conceptual translation. Our aim is to understand the artists’ thoughts so as to better reflect their image and promote their output. Fluidity, transparency, generosity, uniformity and minimalism transmit even the ideas and tendencies of the artist. We really like these meetings because between architects and artists the same values are shared: Art and Creation.

Architecture is a mind-set, not a profession.”
Le Corbusier