Architecture d’intérieure et Rénovation - Pure Sapce Exécution
Pure Space Architecture est spécialisée en architecture d’intérieure et en rénovation complète d’espace dans le secteur résidentiel de très haut standing.
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PureSpace Execution, an essential bridge between architecture and realization

What is the best way in an upgraded situation to master good carrying out of plans and architectural details, plus finishing, and overlapping lots of different crafts while respecting deadlines and the budget announced to the client?

What is the best way to facilitate exchanges with clients by limiting interlocutors?

The reply is simple: By carrying out the execution works with our own teams.


Based on our ongoing exchanges, we draw up plans to meet your tastes at each stage with a budget of related costs. No bad surprises, because everything is written in the specifications. Having just one interlocutor all through the project—from the architecture stage to the implementation—reduces your coordination burden. You remain focused on the main points: esthetics, practicality, choice of materials. It is up to us to carve for you in the best conditions the designed spaces, the details, the fitting and furnishing aspects.

PureSpace Execution rigorously plans the operations

As Art-chitecture experts, we are just as much in the Art of Execution works. Between the choice of products and decoration elements through to the layout we always propose several work hypotheses. Coppery, metallic, mineral, marbled or woody, we have special lintels cut for you or made-to-measure stones that are perfectly incrusted in accordance with our calculations and our plans. We leave to go and seek treasures and earthenware in all nuances, comfortable furniture and outstanding objects.

PureSpace Execution goes with you in every stage of execution

Three watchwords impose our method: listening, trusting, severity. As well as our on-site teams, the daily presence of our experienced site managers ensures optimal quality control. The planning of tasks—plus our craftsmen, plus orders, and the reception of materials and objects manufactured on time on the building site—is essential for the success of the performance. Our teams faithfully respect the specifications set out in a recommended work contract and the performance of the services within the stipulated time.

PureSpace Execution spreads out talented craftsmen

Each project brings together many professionals with complementary and specialized know-how. We open out the best craftsmen for you with both technical and artistic talents in quality services suited to your project.

PureSpace Execution guarantees administration and financial management of projects

The success of architecturally designed projects is based as much on esthetics, technical gestures, and accuracy of the execution of the work as administrative and financial rigor. Once the good execution of the work has been meticulously carried out, we are guarantors of the initial planning respect and the amount of the fixed market. Being a basic designer and prescriber spreading out our teams within the same group, our costs and turnaround times are mastered and assured.

Rénovation Paris
“Architecture is humanity's great book, mankind's leading expression in various development aspects, either as strength or as intelligence.”

Victor Hugo, Notre Dame de Paris