JARDIN DE LUXEMBOURG - Rénovation & Architecture d'intérieur
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  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris


In front of a high greenery and culture area called Le Jardin du Luxembourg, a beautiful building was erected: it included two old apartments that we re-modernized and united into one. Located in a bright corner where exposure and natural light were a definite asset that beautifies and converts this family home for a young active couple, keen on modernity.

This project—carried out in collaboration with untitled projects agency—traced a clear policy. Our mission consisted of clearing all excessive spaces so as to recreate clean and open atmospheres, both on the inside space and the outside view of the gardens.

No place for the too busy patrimonial remains, we opted for contemporary design surfaces. An American-style kitchen opening into a living room dominated by the presence of a large, pleasant, bright, wooden table that promotes openness, hospitality, sharpness and practicality.

The most worthy materials were chosen: the Nero Marquina, Taj Mahal and white stones are in contrast with a monochrome range, providing a feeling of sophistication. Special attention was paid to lighting sets that alternate between track lamps, indirect light and spotlights to provide warmth and radiance depending on uses and moments. In both broad daylight and at night-time this friendly place has a natural refinement atmosphere and becomes a setting that’s good for growing up.






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