LE PONT DES LOGES - Pure Space Architecture
Pure Space Architecture est spécialisée en architecture d’intérieure et en rénovation complète d’espace notamment dans le secteur résidentiel de haut et de très haut standing.
Architecture, architecture d’intérieure, rénovation, résidentiel, haut standing, paris
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Le Pont des Loges


For the renovation of this 240 m² apartment in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, Pure Space Execution deployed all its best resources to carry out the work based on a concept entirely designed by Véronique COTREL, the project manager. Enhancing this place, with its beautiful foundations, was essential. During Baron Haussmann’s era, grandeur was the norm!


The apartment is organized around a large entrance gallery, which distributes the living areas on the street side and the bedrooms on the quieter side. The kitchen was relocated to the former dining room, featuring coffered ceilings and bathed in light through a large glass roof. This transformation was carefully thought out and had its share of challenges, but the result was worth it. Our painters discovered original paintings under the ceiling plasters. The determination of our clients was crucial in restoring them and achieving this space.


The central marble island is massive and harmonious with the room. The wooden fireplace, preserved, makes this kitchen warm and inviting. We love “living” kitchens: neither laboratory-like nor closed-off, they are a fusion of work and reception. The kitchen resonates with the living room, separated by the gallery. The challenge was to remain discreet while enhancing the existing decor. A choice of nuanced colors, subtle lighting, and timeless furniture were used.


On the street side, the “family room” was almost turned into the kitchen, but it eventually became an office, TV corner, or reading nook. A large custom-made bookshelf dominates, with lacquered wood and walnut veneer niches, highlighted by brass handles. Integrated indirect lighting and two large French windows illuminate this space.


Crossing the gallery, we reach the parents’ area. This space, separated from the children’s area, is close to the living room yet isolated. The bedroom is decorated in warm, soothing tones. The bathroom includes light oak cabinetry, with plenty of storage and a double sink. The bathtub is set under waterproof and decorative wallpaper. The bedroom features large oak closets with detailed grain patterns to break the monotony. The plaster cornices and wall paneling were adapted to the new layout. Lighting and air conditioning ensure comfort without compromising aesthetics.


The children’s rooms, three in total, are also carefully designed. Each child has their own shower room, desk, and discreet storage. This is where the distinction between architecture and decoration often becomes apparent. The two skills are linked but different. Integrating air conditioning under the cornices and choosing colors require distinct yet complementary skills, combining technical and poetic, scientific and artistic aspects. It is from this complementarity that the most successful projects arise!