Rénovation et architecture d'intérieur à Paris - Pure Space Architecture
Pure Space Architecture est spécialisée en architecture d’intérieur, rénovation complète d’espaces dans le secteur résidentiel de très haut standing à Paris
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  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris


Overlooking the Eiffel Tower near the Esplanade du Trocadéro and not far from the Cité de l’Architecture, we have been fully inspired by the centuries-old walls of this very beautiful Parisian pied-à-terre. Carried out in cooperation with Tatiana Lati—a Lebanese lady architect—we brought in specialized craftsmen to create this alliance between Haussmann heritage and Lebanese cultural heritage.

The oriental lusters highlight family antiques and maintain the conventionality of this place, as expressed by the furniture and its gilding choices. Cast iron heating, carved moldings and an old-fashioned layout were the cornerstones of this carefully modeled project.

Shining lights were installed in the kitchen area to accentuate the circulation flow. The purity of the lines, the clearness of the space, plus the immaculate surfaces result in impeccable neatness.

The shower-rooms were dreamed up and designed with new generation materials and technologies, in contrast with the occupants’ conservative style. This architecture—both refined and audacious—was carried out with simplicity and refinement and succeeded in combining traditions and modernity.






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