Rénovation et architecture d'intérieur à Paris - MAISON RABIH KAYROUZ
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  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris
  • Rénovation et Architecture d'intérieur paris


The old Babylon theater located in the Paris 7th district—near the Bon Marché—was transformed by our design ideas into an artist’s studio for an internationally famous fashion designer. That magnificent place with its 8-meter high ceiling still retains its identity with its masterly windows, the style of its visible beams and its original floor. The gracefulness and fluidity of the space provides a peacefully favorable environment for creative work plus meticulousness for fellow workers and fine hands for designers. The layout was also conceived as a welcoming showroom for clients who—when crossing this history-bound place—may perceive the creative identity of the talented young designer.


The beams, the stairway, the inside of the windows and the ironworks were varnished in black giving almost a cinema atmosphere that contrasts with the glaring light springing from the windows. This space was also designed to welcome major receptions organized in the Paris Fashion Week but also during various media events. This blending of Architecture and Haute Couture shows our artistic creation expertise, plus our team’s know-how and passion in mixing and transforming on-site tradition and modernity.










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